Hample.. Italian food in-a-box by Adriana
Hample.. Italian food in-a-box
Italian Cured Meats used by Hample .. your local Italian shop in a box

Italian Cured Meats used in our Hampers

Italian Cured Meats used in our hampers.. your local Italian shop in a box
Let’s talk about Hample’s Italian cured meats and Italian salami selection, as well as Italian dry sausages, Italian fresh sausages and Italian cooked meats such as Mortadella di Bologna and Prosciutto Cotto.

Our most popular salami range, which we have in starch all year round, is a typical selection you can find in specialist Italian shops, Italian delicatessen and specialist online Italian shops such as this one.

This selection includes Spianata Calabrese, as the name suggests, originates from Calabria where chilli is everything!! Spianata refers to the shape on the salami which is flatter rather than round. This is our hottest salami and is addictive! We stock fiorrucci brand which is the tastiest in our opinion.
Italian Cured Meats used in our hampers.. your local Italian shop in a box
Italian Meats used in our hampers
Cured Meats from Italy from your local Italian shop in a box
Ventricina is typical of the Molise region, again we stock the fiorrucci version which is full of flavour. Infused with paprika, Ventricina tastes similar to Spanish chorizo.

Finnochiona is a firm favourite for all Italian salami lovers. This is a large, softer salami, hailing from the north of Italy, and is flavoured with fennel seeds and black pepper for an unmistakable, fragrance and taste.

Milano is a staple salami, classic tasting, smooth and delicious.

Napoli is another classic staple, preferred in the south. Coarser cut in essence, and also being often hand cut with a knife into thicker slices by Italians to enjoy with their anti pasti. Slightly deeper in taste than Milano, but both a must in a hand sliced Italian meat selection. Cured Meats from Italy from your local Italian shop in a box
Meats from Italy used in our hampers
Italian Meats used in our hampers
Always in stock, of course, is genuine Parma ham, or Prosciutto di Parma, matured for a minimum of 18 months. Prosciutto is the Italian word for ham, prosciutto crudo just meaning ‘cured ham’, so always make sure a leg has the black authenticity stamp on to show its truly from Parma!

Available as a special is Speck. A tasty kind of cured belly, tasting like bacon and comes from the north east of Italy which explains its German/Austrian sounding name!!

Coppa is always available and comes in spicy or mild variety. It’s a cured cut from the pigs neck and it’s delicious and unmistakable.

Guanciale is cured pig cheek and available to pre order. It’s grown in popularity in this country so much over the past few years, as the British have learned to appreciate its authenticity in dishes such as carbonara and amatriciana.

Cotto, or Prosciutto Cotto is cooked ham and is available as a special. This gorgeous piece of fiorucci cooked meat is infused with delicious herbs too.

Mortadella is an absolute must in any Italian meat selection, this large cold sausage hails from Bologna and contains delicious pistachios. Sliced thinly as it should be, but please request if you would like it as a thick slick to cube into a rice salad for example.

Italian sausages, fresh and dry are available on request, or are often included in the cookery lover’s hamper. The Italian dry sausages are available in hot or mild flavour. These are cured so can be cut into small slices or chunks to be eaten cold. More often though, the dry sausage is slow cooked in chunks in tomato pasata to make a stunning pasta sauce.

Similarly the fresh sausages can be slow cooked to make a sauce, or cooked in their own juices and white wine with carrots and herbs like rosemary to eat pasta in bianco. The fresh sausage brand is Salsicciamo and the flavours are classic, fennel, chilli or garlic. They are also stunning when fried, grilled or roasted.

Last but not least is nduja. At hample we stock this good quality spicy, spreadable salami from Calabria in jars. They can be included in the long life hamper as a meat, or in any hamper or your local Italian shop in a box, delivered nationwide to your front door!

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Italian Cured Meats used in our hampers
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Italian Cured Meats used by Hample .. your local Italian shop in a box

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