Hample.. Italian food in-a-box by Adriana
Hample.. Italian food in-a-box
When Adriana Met Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton Latest News from Hample

Latest Hamper News from Hample

When Adriana Met Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton

When Adriana Met Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton

When Adriana Met Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton Listen to my interview with Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton.. it's The Talk of The Town !
When Adriana Met Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton
BBC Radio Northampton Interview
When Adriana Met Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton
BBC Radio Northampton Interview

When Adriana Met Bernie.. The Transcript

Bernie Talk of the Town..

Now, I reckon hampers are fantastic presents. I think they make just the best gifts. Kind of event presents, I think. Here’s a business that operates out of Adnitt Road in Northampton, doing all things Italian. Out of Northampton? Yep. She’ll go through the names of the products as we chat. Trust me, you will think you're driving on the Amalfi coast.

With Hample Italian Hampers, it’s Adriana Staniscia. Was that close enough for jazz?
Adriana  That was a very good pronunciation of my name. Thank you.
Bernie Man, so mum and dad Italian?
Adriana I'm half Italian, half English, which sometimes, I feel works to my advantage because a lot of my customers are English, and I know what they expect from hampers. It's slightly different to what people expect from hampers in Italy. They're very different sort of products, so it helps out sometimes being a halfie.
Bernie So where are the family roots? What part?
Adriana It’s a part of Italy called Molise, which is the smallest region, and quite often, nobody’s heard of it because there are no major towns or cities there. There's even a joke in Italy saying that Molise doesn't exist. Molise non esiste.
Bernie I love Molise already.
Adriana Which is just very strange.
Bernie Back the underdog. Because the food, Italian food, is so regionalised, isn't it?
Adriana It’s so regionalised. You know I went to Molise every summer as a child, and yet, I never tried polenta until I went to the north. When I went to the north. I never had pizza until I found it. The lasagne is very different, so in Molise, the lasagne has cubed pork in, no bechamel.
Bernie Do you recognise the English versions of this stuff, because within Indian cuisine, you go to India, you're not going to find Chicken Tikka Masala, are you?
Adriana That's exactly right. I find because I'm half English, half Italian, and I grew up here, I can recognise when Italians come over here, they are sometimes a bit surprised. I know exactly what it is that will surprise them, so things that would surprise them is that in England it’s quite normal to have lasagne, a salad, and a piece of garlic bread all on one plate. In Italy, that is unheard of. It’s quite unheard of to have your whole dinner on one plate. It’s usually done in smaller courses.

I was speaking to somebody yesterday, who was doing business somewhere, and some Italians had to come over, and one of the English men said to my friend, well, I think this is a really nice canteen, it’s one of the nicer ones, where we do business. But the Italians don't like it. And of course, my friend said, well, I knew they wouldn't like it.

Sometimes I've done corporate lunches where Italians are going to be there because I know what they like, and they say they really don't like, dare I say it, the Marks & Spencer’s, or Waitrose sandwiches, which everyone in England think are really nice.
Bernie I'm close to saying get out now!
Adriana I know. But for them, it’s just not what they expect. There really are different expectations of Italian food that in England what we consider is a very Italian product, to them isn't.
Bernie Well, we didn't have it. I have the years on you. When I was a kid, we didn't see Italian food. When pizza came in, it was on half a baguette, it was on half a French stick, in cellophane, made by Findus, and you stuck it in the oven. That was what we had. Ravioli was from Heinz.
Adriana Yes, in that tin.
Bernie It was.
Adriana Yes. As a child, I think, you go to somebody’s house, and you have Barbie pasta shapes on toast. I don't think that exists in Italy.
Bernie Was your shop, then, because I loved this place, The Italian Shop, Ashburnham Road? Was that you?
Adriana I opened it in 2012, on my own, as a single mum, lots of blood, sweat, and tears in establishing it. And ten years later, the entrepreneur in me wanted a change, wanted a new challenge. I've sold it, I've moved on.
Bernie Well, I loved it. You had Sophia Loren on the walls. You had delicious coffee.
Adriana Yes, I now share premises with a sandwich shop called Spr-ead. I haven't physically moved very far. I've moved just along to Adnitt Road. But now I have an online and nationwide business, it’s really important to me that I found a nice business home with Spr-ead, and Nova Aesthetics, we share this premises together.
Bernie You've got two. There’s three together, you're showing it with two others. Have you officially launched yet? Have you had a big grand opening those premises yet?
Adriana Oh, have we had a big grand opening?
Bernie Because you need one.
Adriana I don't think we’ve had an official one, but as we’ve been trading since November 2022, it feels like a long time ago, now.
Bernie No, it’s too late now, you can't have it now, you missed your point, you missed the moment. And Christmas was good, wasn't it? You had a good Christmas this year.
Adriana We had an amazing Christmas. It was my second Christmas as Hample.
Bernie Companies love you. Local companies. These, these beautiful hampers, sold a lot to companies, didn't it?
Adriana Yes, I really love doing corporate hampers. Although the business is nationwide, and people do find me from all over the country, local trade is really important because people like to buy from somebody that they know and trust.

I've got a premises where people can come, they can see where I have all the products, they can try the products, they can discuss with me exactly what they’d like in the hamper, so I can make it bespoke. Certainly, today, and yesterday, nearly all the hampers that I've done are local people who have wanted to send them to other parts of the country.
Bernie Well, they're magnificent. They come in white boxes, bespoke boxes, with black lettering on, and then you get tissue inside, with your logo in there. They look fantastic.
Adriana Thank you, Bernie.
Bernie It’s a feast for the eyes before you even start.
Adriana Thank you.
Bernie And then you go inside. Because you had the previous place, you know how to source stuff, don't you? You know where it is.
Adriana Yes
Bernie And it comes from Italy.
Adriana It all comes from Italy. I use all specialist importers. Like you say, I've been in the business a long time, so I've tried everything, and I've taken all my knowledge to get the best things to put in there.
Bernie For pasta, you can't have an Italian hamper without pasta. We’ll talk about these specific hampers that you do in a second. This is the generic one you have here. You've got pasta, Rummo Pasta.
Adriana Rummo is a really good brand.
Bernie Is it?
Adriana Yes
Bernie And it's dried pasta, is it?
Adriana Yes, that's dried egg pasta. It’s fettuccini. I usually try to put things in the hampers that will go together. I've put a ready-made bolognaise sauce in there. 100% Italian beef.
Bernie Hold that thought. Where is that? There we go.
Adriana And there's a piece of parmesan in there, as well, and the idea is to have all three together.
Bernie Do you know, I'm no deeper than the puddle, I'm extraordinarily shallow. The fact it’s all written in Italian is fantastic, isn't it? Isn't it, though? You know what I mean? Because it’s like you've got a slice of Italy, proper slice. Because often, you buy things, and you think oh, this is really lovely. You turn it over, made in Richmond. You know what I mean?
Adriana Yes. And sometimes things from the supermarket, they might say that they're made in Italy. They're made in Italy for the English market. I did notice, in my perusement around supermarkets, that maybe there’s less potato in the gnocchi that made for our supermarkets, than there is made for Italian supermarkets. Just little differences. These are actually made of the Italian market.
Bernie The meat you have here, the thing about your meet is you slice it yourself, here, which is quite a rare thing, yes?
Adriana Yes, if I could blow my own trumpet for a moment, Bernie.
Bernie Blow it, love. Blow it.
Adriana It’s, basically, my main talent in life. Obviously, I've discovered this, thank goodness, I'm really good at slicing meat.
Bernie Done with a knife? You do it on a slicer?
Adriana I do it with a slicer, and things like salami, they're fairly straightforward, but things like Mortadella, Parma Ham, Speck, it’s not as easy to have the dexterity. I've just discovered that it’s my talent in life is slicing meat. I really like doing it.
Bernie And we have one packet Parma Ham, Spianata Piccante, Salami Napoli, and Coppa. You would have these in salads, as antipasti, would you?
Adriana As antipasti, yes. Before a meal, with a nice piece of mozzarella, or with some pickled vegetables.
Bernie You're doing your February special, for next month, folks can order the ingredients of a grazing platter. If they go on your Instagram, they’ll see how to arrange it. Mine would look like a car crash, yours are beautiful. You’ll get the meats, you’ll get olives, fresh pesto, chilli jam, apple purée, salted grissini. They're the sticks, aren't they?
Adriana Yes. That's right.
Bernie Amazing.
Adriana I'm doing a little pairing printout, so that as you're building your grazing platter, you can have a feel of what goes with what. There's some dough and garlic butter in there, so you can make your garlic bread. Now, that's not very Italian to have garlic bread.
Bernie Is it not?
Adriana No, not really.
Bernie What about pizza, is that Italian?
Adriana Yes.
Bernie Friday night pizza, that's a thing, is it? Saturday night pizza?
Adriana Oh, absolutely, yes. There's so many pizzerias. I dare say, most people just have their local favourite pizzeria, and they're always beautiful. Again, in the south, in Molise, pizza is more like a focaccia with the toppings on, rather than the Naples-style pizza that people are very good at. There's lots of local places that make lovely pizza.
Bernie I bet you can source a beautiful mozzarella, as well, can't you, to put on your pizza?
Adriana Yes. The most usual one is fior de latte. I also do pizza kits, where you can buy your dough, either pizza sauce, or San Marzano Tomatoes to make your own, and the toppings.
Bernie That is so fantastic. What can I eat from here because you're not going back with all of this, I'm taking one of these things.
Adriana Oh, you can take your pick, Bernie.
Bernie Right, what's nice cheese?
Adriana The best cheese, in my opinion, ever, is the one that says pecorino sardo.
Bernie Got that one. Okay.
Adriana There's one in there called provolone picante, which is like the staple cheese in Italy.
Bernie Hang on, don't look.
Adriana Where's a pair of scissors when you need them?
Bernie Let’s rip that open. Where’s my car key? You do cannoli, don't you?
Adriana I do, yes.
Bernie I always thought cannoli was New York Italian, but it’s proper Italian, isn't it?
Adriana Yes. cannoli originates from Sicily. You're right, they went over to America and became huge. More huge there than they have become here. Lots of people know about cannoli, but it's not as popular over here as America.
Bernie Well, it’s not, is it? It’s not. A lot of people think they looked like filled brandy snaps.
Adriana Yes, they do.
Bernie Don't they?
Adriana Yes. They're quite different.
Bernie But you fill it with Sicilian ricotta.
Adriana Yes.
Bernie And then you put some candied peel in there, and chocolate drops.
Adriana Yes, that's right.
Bernie Man alive.
Adriana I can't wait for you to try that cheese.
Bernie You might be a goddess sent among us, Adriana. I'm not sure, you might be. What I'm eating here?
Adriana That's Sardinian Pecorino.
Bernie And ordinarily, you would put that on what? You'd shave it? You'd have it on crackers? What would you do?
Adriana Have it on crackers. Do you know what, I just really like to have a piece in the evening, on its own, just like you're having now.
Bernie It’s delicious. Where I use pecorino is where I make carbonara.
Adriana That's right, and it’s a different kind of pecorino. That will be Roman Pecorino, which isn't as nice to eat on its own because it’s so salty. This one is just not as salty, it’s nicer to eat alone.
Bernie Well, it’s amazing. Your whole stuff is amazing.
Adriana Thank you.
Bernie If you go to the website, which is HampleHampers.co.uk it will give you a theme. Haven't you just come back from a chocolate-themed hotel?
Adriana You're right, yes. I went to Umbria with my partner. Because coincidentally, he had some business to do in the exact town where one of my suppliers' lives, of my specialist Umbrian products. We went on a nice little jolly there together. I went around with a lady who’s one of my suppliers, and had a guided tour of the countryside, and all this kind of thing.
Bernie Well, in that case, Sue in Crick, would love to hear this. Last night, I polished off a whole bar of Baci?
Adriana Baci, yes.
Bernie Baci chocolate.
Adriana Which is made in Perugia, yes.
Bernie Which our granddaughter brought over from Umbria at Christmas. It was squisito.
Adriana It is exquisite, yes. In Perugia, there's a few shops where you can do a pick-and-mix of the different flavours of baci. It feels like a very sophisticated pick-and-mix shop.
Bernie I think you've come up with something just perfect, Adriana, I do.
Adriana Thank you, Bernie. Thank you.
Bernie I think it’s fantastic. If you look for Hample Hampers on social media, then you’ll see the pictures. You’ll see Adriana dancing to Bananarama on a Monday morning.
Adriana Yes.
Bernie Why would you not? Why would you not?
Adriana That's just a bit of fun for me.
Bernie You've got to get your groove on, haven't you?
Adriana You've got to, yes.
Bernie You do. It’s amazing. People can order these to go nationwide. Or in Northamptonshire, you can go to Adnitt Road, to the shop, and just pick them up. You order the day before, and you get all these beautiful things when they're ready.
Adriana Perfect description of what you can do, Bernie, thank you.
Bernie I think that you've got something very special, and I think your star is only going upwards, Adriana.
Adriana Thank you so much, Bernie. Thank you for having me.
Bernie Thanks for coming in.
Adriana Thank you.
BBC Radio Northampton Interview

Happy Hample Anniversary

Hample is officially 1!! We’ve had a busy first year here at Hample HQ, and so many changes!!

Happy Hample Anniversary
Last August I sold my busy and bustling Italian shop and deli that I started by scratch! Back in 2010, I found a lovely old butchers shop, harassed a newly retired butcher until he agreed to take a chance in me as a tennant, set about finding the best Italian suppliers and sat on eBay for weeks collecting tables, chairs, shelving, alessi teapots and original 1950s Italian movie posters and lobby cards. I even paired the shelves in my back garden and - as a single mum with nothing more than a fiat punto - carried the painted shelves from my house to the shop! Read more as Hample celebrates it's first year of trading !

Italian Meat and Cheese Antipasti Food Platter by Hample

Italian Meat and Cheese Antipasti Grazing Platter by Hample

Italian Meat and Cheese Antipasti Food Platter by Hample
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Insights into D H Lawrence's Sardinia by Nick Ceramella and Daniele Marzeddu.

Insights into D H Lawrence's Sardinia by Nick Ceramella and Daniele Marzeddu.

Insights into D H Lawrence's Sardinia by Nick Ceramella and Daniele Marzeddu.
I am proud to announce that I will presenting Hample Hampers and providing the buffet at the book launch of "Insights into D H Lawrence's Sardinia" by Nick Ceramella and Daniele Marzeddu at Djanogly Gallery, University of Nottingham on Wednesday 1st November.

What: Book Launch Insights into D H Lawrence's Sardinia by Nick Ceramella and Daniele Marzeddu.
When: Wednesday 1st November 2023
Djanogly Gallery, University of Nottingham. NG7 2RD
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Italian Food Hampers Delivered Nationwide by Hample Hampers

We’re Nationwide!!

Italian Food Hampers Delivered Nationwide by Hample Hampers
I’ve had the pleasure of sending my most recent Italian Hamples to: Margate, Newport, Doncaster, Kidderminster, Colchester, St. Albans, Preston, Tonbridge and Lancaster as well as local deliveries and collections for leaving gifts, thanks-for-looking-after-the-dog gifts, pizza kit birthday gifts and meat/cheese/antipasti selections to eat at home. Nationwide Hamper Deliveries

Italian food hamper business shares national success during first three months

Italian food hamper business shares national success during first three months

Italian food hamper business shares national success during first three months
By Katie Wheatley, Chronicle & Echo, Northampton Jan 18th Jan 2023

‘Food is the best gift’: Fresh Italian food hamper business shares national success during first three months.

“We’re the only company nationwide to offer a cured meat selection in a fresh Italian food hamper”

A fresh Italian food hamper business, set up just three months ago, has shared its success both among the Northampton community and nationally. Heard it in the News

A TRULY heartfelt and giant THANK YOU for a lovely first few months in my new business.

A TRULY heartfelt and giant THANK YOU for a lovely first few months in my new business.

A TRULY heartfelt and giant THANK YOU for a lovely first few months in my new business.
I really appreciate you all following and ordering from me, and I've put my love into every single hamper. 

Watch this space in the new year for new products and packages, Italian food-in-a-box and lots more that will soon be revealed. THANK YOU for a lovely first few months in my new business.

Italian Hamper Making by Adriana

Italian Hamper Making by Adriana

Italian Hamper Making by Adriana
Watch Hample's Adriana busy making up a hamper.. Watch Adriana Making a Hamper Video

Hample Hampers.. Italian food in-a-box by Adriana

Adriana brings you a brand new speciality hamper business.. HAMPLE

Hample Hampers.. Italian food in-a-box by Adriana
A warm welcome to all my new followers! And a big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has followed me from my previous business; after 10 lovely years, I fancied a change and a new challenge. So I've sold up and moved on! I'm delighted now to tell you all in more detail about my new and only business.. HAMPLE
More details about Hample Italian Hampers

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When Adriana Met Bernie on BBC Radio Northampton
Latest News from Hample

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